Daniel MS DMCC

Who we are

Daniel MS DMCC has worldwide integrated Manufacturing, Marketing and Retailing of Diamonds & Jewellery. Daniel MS DMCC is known globally for its unmatchable products, exemplary quality, international standards and its impeccable reputation. Daniel MS DMCC has the ability to grasp new opportunities rapidly and set new directions and strategies. Daniel MS DMCC is a professionally managed company and has laid down a robust system and process to ensure smooth and objective decision making

The philosophy of Daniel MS DMCC business is to build creditability, trust and relationships with all stakeholders. Daniel MS DMCC’s growth across the diamond value chain is built on a foundation of strong corporate governance & business fundamentals. Our group strategy is to consistently align our businesses to improve and add value to Diamonds

The management ethos is to invest in long term growth. Daniel MS DMCC has a clear approach to develop strategic relationships with customers, unlocking synergies and collaboratively adding value to diamonds.

our Mission

Provide customer satisfaction and exceed customer expectations at every opportunity with every single stone and piece of jewellery through quality products, timely innovative design and prompt deliveries. Working together with customers to develop and expand the market and create a position of credible leadership.

our Team

Daniel MS DMCC is owned and managed by NY Koen Group holding directed by Naum Koen

our Vision

Discerning diamond buyers worldwide seeking natural, ethical diamonds trust Daniel MS DMCC and understand our advantages.

Integrated supply pipeline:
To ensure complete supply chain control, Daniel MS DMCC only carry natural diamonds and track each stone from rough to finished product.

Quality and choice:
We carry an exceptional range of natural colourless and coloured stones in every popular size, shade and shape.